Gift him Therapy

Why? Because chances are he needs it but won’t go for it.

Men are a huge part of our life, whether we like it or not. They are half the world’s human population, and half of you (DNA wise, not soul-mate wise tch tch)

So safe to say I have closely observed quite a few male homo sapiens in my 27 years on Earth.

And one thing common between most, more than most of them, is the lack of acceptance of the fact that they need therapy.

Why do they need therapy? Simply because, most of us humans do, irrespective of our gender. But men, at least all the ones I have met or heard about through others, simply just wont go to therapy.

“I cannot talk about myself to a stranger”

“It’s for people who cannot help themselves”

“I am not the sharing type”

“I don’t know what to say”

“Running does me good. Why should I take talking sessions”

And the best in the list: “It doesn’t work”

But I think we all know what the real issue is. Patriarchy, our dear old friend.

The idea that men have to ‘man up’. The idea that it is weak to be weak. The idea that being weak makes you less masculine. The idea that men always have to be masculine.

Men are as affected by patriarchy as any other gender (although they are the only one who greatly benefit from that system too)

So gift the men in your life therapy sessions. At male shrinks, if that makes them feel more at ease. Father, father-in-law, brother, husband, best friend, boy friend. All of them. To your Boss too maybe? (we all know he needs it desperately)

Why? For one main reason.

People who don’t go to therapy force others in their lives into therapy.

I have experienced this myself too. I do till date.

Men with control issues, anger issues, self-image issues, confidence issues, addiction issues, grief issues, trauma issues, make you so miserable that you have to spend money and seek help, because they refuse to seek it.

And since education and 21st century wokeness and trying to normalise therapy clearly isn’t working for most cis-het men, maybe the fact that you have spent money to gift them therapy sessions make them go to therapy. And at least try it out once in their lives? (Even if they do not stick with it)

Gift men in your life therapy. Because seeking help doesn’t make us weak. It actually makes us strong.



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